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Honored to now be a .gif!

Honored to now be a .gif!

Backstage Magazine Coverage of The Broadway Rising Stars 2013 at Town Hall Coverage of The Broadway Rising Stars Concert 2013 at Town Hall

The students feel very young in their roles, which adds a dramaturgically intriguing immaturity to each of the characters, but also leaves one craving the adult darkness hinted at within the music. However, this is not true of actor Michelle [Cameron], a third year at NYU in the role of Artemis. [Cameron] is constantly “on” and constantly aware of her body in space, which can’t be said of every young actor in this piece. Her dialogue is fierce and powerfully directed. She has an inherent, genuine sexiness and strength in this role, but none of the self-awareness or haughtiness that often accompanies those qualities. She’s simply a mature performer. In a particularly strong scene with the youthful Orion (Angel Lin), [Cameron] says, “I can’t take care of you!” and in that voice you hear a woman wise enough to know she is too young to be responsible for another.
— Not Your Average Downtown

Cameron is a legit soprano and sang verse and full chorus of “All The Things You Are” which made you regret so few contemporary Broadway composers are writing for those voices today.
— Joe Regan Jr.

Michelle accepts the prestigious Tisch Drama Department 2014 Artist & Scholar Award from Kent Gash: